The Journey from Concept to Consumer:

In the fashion industry, there is a sense of urgency to create a seamless consumer experience. Yet behind the scenes, wholesaling and retailing technologies are often not connected and synchronized. 
This white paper examines seven key business processes within fashion companies and how to transform them into cohesive end-to-end processes.

A step-by-step look at key business processes:

To help on the road to concept-to-consumer seamlessness, this report
takes a step-by-step look at seven key business processes and how end-to-end ERP technology can alleviate pain points and deliver business benefits.

Discover in this white paper:

  • The key 7 business processes of a fashion business
  • What and how existing technology can help in each stage
  • How sales and marketing can improve efficiency
  • Executive insight
The Journey from Concept to Consumer